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Zahra Aboutalib from Morocco was pregnant for 46 years. This was due to a rare condition called lithopedion

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Lithopedion, or stone baby is a rare condition. It happens when a fetus dies during pregnancy but is too large to be absorbed by body. The body protects itself by calcifying the fetus on the outside so that mother will not get infected.


Zahra Aboutalib from a village near Casablanca, Morocco is the only woman who was pregnant for 46 years. Back in 1955 she was admitted to hospital in advanced pregnancy. After 48 hours in labour, she still had not given birth. Doctors decided that caesarean section was required, however Zahra was so scared that she immediately fled hospital. Over time the pain subsided, her body protected her and she believed that as told in a local myth, baby would be born later. In 2001 she was admitted to hospital for the first time after 1955. The doctors found out that the fetus had calcified in her womb.

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