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A woman who spent 37 years locked inside her own body became an author and a poet. She suffered from a condition known as pseudocoma

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Julia Tavalaro was 32 years old when she experienced two strokes in 1966 and had to be taken to a New York hospital. After that day she spent all her life trapped in her body.


Pseudocoma, also known as Locked in Syndrome was a condition from which Julia suffered. Despite being fully awake and aware of her surroundings, she was completely unable to move any part of her body, or speak. All she could do was move her eyes.


In 1972, 6 years after the strokes, one of Julia’s relatives realized that she was trying to smile after hearing a joke. Arlene Kratt and Joyce Sabari were two speech therapists who convinced doctors that Julia was actually trapped inside her body.


However, Julia still managed to become famous poet and author until her death in 2003. She communicated through blinking to create her poetry. Los Angeles Times published a story about her in 1995 after which she gained world wide recognition.

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