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There have been just three months without any U.S combat casualties during over 12 years of war in Afghanistan. July 2002, January 2007 and March 2014.

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After July, 2002 – March, 2014 was the first month without any US combat casualties anywhere (not just Afghanistan). However, 14 American soldiers died thus far in 2014.


The operation Enduring Freedom began in 2001, that makes it the longest war in the history of US. During this war 2,312 U.S. military have died and 19,693 have been wounded. As of Iraq, the numbers are about twice as high – 4,489 dead and 32,239 wounded in action.


It’s notable that after 2014 there is no agreement for keeping US army presence in Afghanistan and the president of the country – Hamid Karzai – does not intend on signing any agreement for the prolongation of NATO and US military missions in his country. Over phone call, president Barack Obama told Hamid Karzai that the troops where given order to prepare for the full withdrawal by the end of the year.

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