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Selena Gomez was seen and snapped walking bra-less in New York city after she left Bedford restaurant. According plastic surgeons this pic clearly shows that she has got breast implants through surgery. However, the official source denies this claim.

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Selena Gomez’s new pics have set internet on fire. She has been snapped walking bra-less in the New York City and the pics immediately sparked up speculations whether she had her a plastic surgery to get breast implants or not.


The official spokesperson for Selena Gomze stated that the 21 year-old singer has not had any plastic surgeries. However, still many speculations are heard out about the change of Gomez’ busts size which can be clearly seen in the above pics.


Several plastic surgeons also think that Selena has had a plastic surgery to get implants. Dr. Steve Fallek, one of America’s top plastic surgeons, says that 21 year-old singer’s breast were ‘way too full and shapely on the top.’ He thinks that this kind of bosom shape could only be possible with an implant.

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