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Pro-Russian woman poses wearing makeup found at MH17 airplane crash site. Ekaterina Parkhomenko posted pics on Instagram adding: “Mascara from Amsterdam; to be precise, from the field. Well, you understand”

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Ekaterina Parkhomenko did not even bat an eye while painting her lashes with the mascara of a MH17 airpline crash victim. A pro-Russia woman even posted her pics on Instagram. She ‘boasted’ that her ‘looter’ friend brought her possessions of the airplane crash victims.


There are numerous pics and videos showing how pro-Russian separatists removed valuables – including credit cards and even wedding rings – from the victims of the crash, which killed 298. Parkhomenko lives in a city nearby the crash site. She says that she is fully supportive of Russia, which the world blames for supporting separatists and providing the missile that took down the civilian airplane.


Ekaterina Parkhomenko’s Instagram pics caused an outrage on her profile. Fellow Instagram users called the photos “disgusting” and “horrific.” She eventually deleted the posts following an avalanche of criticism — and then shut down her account entirely.

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