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Prankster Rahat gave a lottery ticket to a homeless man – Eric. Rahat arranged for a clerk at store to pretend that Eric won 1000$ with the ticket. But as soon as Eric collected cash, he turned to rahat and said: “I would like to share it”

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Rahat is Youtube's famous prankster. He decided to play prank upon a homeless man named Eric. Rahat gave a lottery ticket to Eric and arranged with a store clerk so that the clerk would pretend the ticket to be the winning one. 


When the clerk told Eric that his ticket won 1000$, he did not believe his eyes. However, after he collected money, he turned to Rahat and said: "I would like to share it." This act of kindness did not go unnoticed. Rahats fans made these words go viral and asked the prankster to arrange so that they could donate money for Eric who restored their faith in humanity.


Rahat organized a fundraising  event on his website with the initial goal to collect 20'000$ for Eric. However, after just 3 days more than 30'000$ was raised.

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