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Police Officer in Canada undressed and laid down on a freezing man to perform “skin to skin” heating of his body. David Jutras saved the life of a 23-year-old man whose canoe capsized and who had to swim through the freezing waters to the shore.

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23 year-old man was practicing canoeing on the St. Lawrence River near Montreal, Canada, when his canoe capsized because of the high winds. He spotted people on the shore in the distance and swam through freezing waters to reach them. He spent his last energy to climb up on the shore and fell down not moving.


One of the bystanders called 911 and it was not long after that Police Officer – David Jutras – arrived. It was obvious for the policeman that the man was freezing, suffering from Hypothermia (extremely low body temperature). He instantly took off his bulletproof vest, undressed and laid down on the 23 year-old to perform “skin to skin” heating of his body. After about 15 minutes paramedics arrived at the place and took the man to the hospital. That very day the 23 year-old was released from the hospital. The Police Officer saved his life.

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