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Mars Curiosity rover captured mysterious bright light that made UFO believers assume that there’s an underground civilization on the planet.

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Nasa’s Curiosity Mars rover passed the last 90 feet to explore the consistency of ground which is supposed to be favorable for the future human landing and settlement. It was right there when Curiosity captured the mysterious bright light. The light seems to be stemming from the ground of the planet. This stirred huge interest in UFO believers. Some of them went so far as to declaring that there is an underground civilization on Mars that Nasa don’t want us to know about.


However, according to NASA, scientifically, “mysterious bright light” may have two explanations: it may be either caused by sun rays that were reflected from the surface of a rock, or it may be sunlight reaching the camera’s CCD directly through a vent hole in the camera housing. Moreover, by the time Curiosity took the photos the sun was shining right at that place.

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