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Luo Gang – a boy kidnapped at the age of 5 – found his family 23 years later

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When he was wife – Luo Gang – was kidnapped when he was going to kindergarten by a couple he thought were friends of his parents. Luo was taken 900 miles away on the other side of China to Sanming. Traffickers sold him to a couple who adopted him. Back then in 1990’s one-child policy of China created “black market” of trafficked children.


Luo’s adoptive parent were loving but they never explained why was he taken away from his bilogical parents. However, Luo tried his best to remember anything connected with his life before he was kidnapped. He woved that he would not marry until he had found his biological parents.


At the age of 28, Luo, posted everything he remembered about the village he lived in before the age of 5 on the website. He did not remember the name of the village, but he remembered much about the surroundings (how houses, roads, trees etc. looked). Volunteers on the website considered all the clues and finally found his biological family.


Next year he is going to wed his long-term girlfriend. Surprisingly both of his families (adoptive and biological) are invited.

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