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Kanye West wants Kim Kardashian to be the next Coco Chanel. He not only secured a place on the cover of Vogue for her, but also urged her to enter a fashion major in university

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It seems like Kanye West truly believes that Kim Kardashian could become the next Coco Chanel starting her own luxury label that would define an entire generation.


But it also seems that Kim has to learn a lot at first. To please her husband she spent last year educating herself about fashion with the design brain trust at Rodante. But Kanye thinks that it is not enough and wants her to enter a fashion major in university. Kanye thinks that Coco Chanel is the best role model for Kim. 


Kardashian’s close friendship with the creative director of Givenchy – Ricardo Tisci – may also help to turn her and Kanye’s dream about luxury brand into reality.

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