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Jon Calvo lost 175 pounds (80 kg) in 3 years. Here is his body transformation!

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Jon has been trying to lose weight since he was a kid. He had tried all the “popular ways” of doing that but without any success. After years he decided that he had to stop looking for easy ways and motivate himself from within. As a result he lost 175 pounds in 3 years.


Jon followed a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet in the beginning. Because he knew protein was key, he ate lean meat. He also limited his calories and divided his food into six small meals.


For exercise, Jon walked and used an elliptical machine each day.


Later Jon learned about the Paleo Diet and CrossFit. He made a shift to more fat and a lower carbohydrate diet. Tree nuts, vegetables and organic whole food was also part of his diet.


Jon thinks that CrossFit is what requires discipline and mentality to be successful. He used it to boost the intesity of his workout. He says that beside losing weight, CrossFit and Paleo helped him lower his blood sugar and triglycerides to normal levels.


Jon says that persistence is the key to losing weight and keeping it off. He really is a man who never gave up!

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