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Instead of birthday gifts, 9-year-old Ethan Katz raised $6790 to save 30 dogs from kill shelters

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Most of the 8 year-old boys would dream of a huge party with their friends and a pile of gifts for their birthday. However, Ethan is not an ordinary boy!


His only wish for his birthday was to save dogs from kill shelters. He had previously adopted two dogs from shelter and this inspired him to do more.


Ethan and his mother Lisa designed shirts and started selling them online for $20. They managed to raise a total of $2,640 by Ethan’s birthday on May 29th. The money was donated to City Dogs Rescue – a D.C.-based nonprofit that rescues dogs from overcrowded or high-kill shelters and places them in foster homes. On that day 10 dogs were saved.


In fact the campaign had been so successful that City Dog Rescue asked Ethan to make the second round of it. This time Ethan and his mom managed to raise $4,150 rescuing 20 more dogs.

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