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An Indian boy had 232 extra teeth removed from his mouth. He suffered from super rare condition called composite odontoma.

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Normally people have 28 to 32 teeth in their mouth. However 17 year old Ashik Gaval had 264 teeth. So doctors had to remove 232 extra teeth from his mouth.


A teenager from India had been suffering from unbearable toothaches for about 18 months. He lived in India’s rural area were people could not come up with any diagnoses for his super swollen gums. His family had to take Ashik to doctors in Mumbai.


The first thought of doctors was that he had a cancer, but as it turned out he had composite odontoma. It is a super rare condition which causes one gum to grow many teeth.


Doctors started to take out teeth and it appeared that there were hundreds and hundreds of them with various formation and sizes. It took 7 whole hours for the doctors to extract a total of 232 extra teeth – a world record!



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