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French researchers discovered why some people can’t remember dreams. Temporo-Parietal Junction (TPJ) is a region of human brain responsible for encoding information about dreams. It appeared that some people’s TPJ is inactive.

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Perrine Ruby and his team of researchers based in Lyon, France at the Neuroscience Center for Research discovered the reason for remembering dreams. Their study included 42 people divided in two groups: “high dream recallers” – those who remembered more than 5 dreams per week and “low dream recallers” – those who remembered not more than 2 dreams per month.


The team used PET scans to identify which specific region of brain is responsible for the memorization of dreams. The experiment showed that the region of a human brain called Temporo Parietal Junction was highly active in high dream recallers, while it was almost inactive in low dream recallers. This part of brain is responsible for encoding information in a very short period of wakefulness during night. So having this region of brain inactive results in not having an ability to recall dreams more frequently.

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