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A family is forced to cover their doors and windows to protect the girl who is allergic to light. Those who suffer from this condition develop painful burns, blisters and rashes all over their skin, if they are exposed to light

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Megan Hume is an ordinary girl. She loves to go out and play with her friends. But several months ago she developled extremely rare allergic reaction towards any kind of light.


Her family had to cover windows and doors to protect her from sunlight as exposing her to light can develop painful blisters, burns and rashes all over her skin. But unfortunately that’s not all. Any kind of illumination is dangerous for her. So she sits in a darkened room and can’t even watch TV for more than an hour.


Megan’s family had to become quite creative to come up with ideas to entertain her despite the “stay at home” situation. They go out on fishing trips during the night to have some fun.


Doctors have not been able to provide accurate diagnosis for Megan’s rare condition yet. Although she has adjusted her life in the dark, she still hopes that her future will be brighter.

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