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Captain Carl Moore accidentally caught a Goblin Shark in the waters nearby Florida. It was the first sighting for the last 14 years. Fisherman took a pic of the shark and threw it back into the sea

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63 year-old Carl Moore has been a fisherman for half a century. He spends 300 days per year at sea and has caught many sharks, but it was his first encounter with a Goblin Shark. That’s not surprising. Goblin Sharks are partly mysterious creatures as they live in deep waters and almost never come near the surface. That is why it was the first sighting of a Goblin Shark since 2000.


Captain Carl Moore says that he has never seen a sea creature this ugly. Goblin Sharks have pinkish color and long, big head with protruding jaw. Moore took a pic of the shark and released it back to its natural habitat without even trying to measure it.


When Moore reached the shore with his crew, they reported that they’ve caught a Goblin Shark and showed a pic of it to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Although research biologists at NOAA were dissapointed by Carl Moore’s decision to let the Goblin Shark go back to its natural habitat and not bring it to the shore for scientific studies, Moore says that people have to take care of oceans and he well knows the value of preserve things.

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