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Amazon pays its employees $5,000 to quit in order to test their loyalty towards the company

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Most of the people have had at least one occasion when they thought of instantly quitting their job after having too much of it. However, at Amazon employees may well get paid up to $5,000 to do it.


Paid to Quit is the name of a program that has been successfully implemented by the e-commerce giant. It’s quite simple: once a year the company offers its employees money to quit their job. The first offer is $2,000 and the sum goes up a thousand dollars each year until the final amount of $5,000 is reached. The main idea behind the program is that, if one-time payment of $5,000 is more valuable for you, than long-term job at Amazon, then you are not at the right place.


It should be noted that this program is for full-time workers only and temporary employees are not involved.

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