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Aitzaz Hasan – a 15-year-old schoolboy from Pakistan – sacrificed himself to stop a suicide bomber from entering his school, where 2000 students were in attendance.

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In Ibrahimzai, a Shia-dominated region of Hangu, in north-western Pakistan, on Monday, a suicide bomber attempted to enter the school full of 2,000 children. Aitzaz Hasan, 15, was also a student at that school. He noticed that suicide bomber was moving to the school and despite his cousin's pleas, he decided to stop the suicide attacker. "He is going to kill my friends, I must stop him" – said Aitzaz Hasan. However, when he tackled the attacker, the suicide bomber blasted himself which resulted in the death of the brave hero saving hundreds or even a thousand childrens' lives.

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