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After killing a baboon, lioness adopted her baby and protected her from other lions

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Evan Schiller is a photographer who witnessed and took photos of this amazing ecounter at Botswana game reserve. Two large lionesses attacked a group of three female baboons. Two of them managed to get away but the third one was not that lucky. The photographer, witnessing this, thought it was sad but also thought – “well, that’s how nature works.” However, than something really rare and incredible happened. A tiny shape emerged from killed baboon mother’s body. It was her little baby. The little one tried to climb up the nearby tree but her climbing skills were not that good. The photographer thought that baby baboon would also be attacked. However one of the lionesses, instead of eating an infant, gently tapped her with her paw and picked with her massive jaws just like lionesses carry their babies. Baby baboon cuddled with its new mother who protected her from the other lioness.

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