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34 year-old Gina Mihai from Romania claims that her dead grandma took a selfie in order to contact her “from the other side of the veil”

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Gina Mihai’s grandmother died 3 years ago. 34 year-old Romanian woman was absolutely terrified when she turned on her smartphone and saw her grandmother’s face staring at her.


It was extremely frightening as, of course, her grandmother had no selfie taken during her lifetime. The pic looked phantom-like and eerie as if it was taken through a tear in the veil that separates the world of the living from the one of the dead.


Gina Mihai also claims that her grandma had a snake curled around her neck on the pic. She brought the phone to a fortune teller who is absolutely sure that the selfie was taken by Gina’s grandmother’s ghost who is being punished in the afterlife. The fortune teller believes that snake is the sign of the punishment and that the purpose of taking that selfie was to contact granddaughter.

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