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27 year-old Jean Charles de Menezes was pinned to the ground by British police and shot 7 times in head in 2005. Police thought that he was a suicide bomber, but he was completely innocent. Later police tried to cover it up.

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This happened in London in 2005. British police confused 27 year-old Jean Charles de Menezes with Hussain Osman who was a suspect of 2005 London bombing. Two police officers dressed in plain clothes pursued Jean Charles who was boarding bus N2. The young man did not know that Brixton Station had been closed due to the bombings of the previous day and briefly went off the bus making a phone call in the process.


Police officers thought that this behavior proved Jean Charles de Menezes to be the previous day’s failed bomb suspect. So they contacted their command center and requested ‘code red’ meaning that, at any cost, they should not have let the young man board the train.


Menezes decided to board the train at the Stockwell Tube Station. He paid for traveling, passed the barriers and entered the train with several police officers without suspecting that he was being followed. When he reached the destination and was about to leave the train he was attacked by the police officers and killed.


Upon realizing that they made a tragic mistake, British police tried to cover things up. The evidence suddenly started to dissapear and court did not start criminal prosecution against the police officer who shot Jean Charles de Menezes because of insufficient evidence.

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